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How does the fulfilment process work?

Each winner will receive a personal Fulfilment Advisor. A bit like a private travel agent. This one point of contact will work with the customer to plan, amend, finesse and complete their experience. Mobile phone applications holding all the winners travel details and references come as part of the package. Just another way we are transforming the way promotions are run.

Can you really create money can’t buy experiences?

Absolutely. Our range of contacts and experience means that nearly everything is achievable. Private submarine, dinner in a volcano, football practice with a professional legend, we have created all these for our clients. But you don’t need to break the bank for the biggest effect. Why not see what we can do for lower budgets…

Can I change the elements of a prize?

Everything we do is created bespoke. We combine a range of experiences from our experienced contacts to create our packages. If you want to change an element, add or suggest something then we can absolutely do so. You should see the package as a list of elements you can cherry pick.

Is your management fee included in the price?

Yes it is. We find that one overall cost that includes everything with no hidden extras is the easiest way for you to accurately plan the rest of your campaign. We will never come back to you if the experience goes over budget, so the cost we quote is the only cost you pay.

Why should I use a specialist prize management agency?

Your day job is more than enough to keep you busy. With a specialist agency you receive experience, bonding, industry expertise, campaign planning and the ability to adapt and react at a moments notice to any change in circumstance. The fact that an industry specialist, covered legally with expert knowledge of promotions is managing this part of your campaign, will give you, your client and the winner ultimate confidence.

Do you charge for your ideas, even if they don’t go ahead?

We don’t charge for our ideas, no. Whilst we own the concepts we create we understand how pitches work, and projects don’t always come off. We are also confident in our work and we know that if this campaign doesn’t happen, you’ll be back again.

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