How to run an on-pack promotion

An on-pack promotion can incentivise potential customers to choose your product over competitors, help your product stand out on the shelf, and keep existing customers loyal to your brand. In a study by Granby and Censuswide, 66% of consumers surveyed thought on-pack promotions made brands more ‘attractive’. 

Whether you’re offering consumers a shot at winning a luxury, all-expenses-paid vacation or money off their next trip to a theme park, an on-pack promotion boosts the perceived value of your product. However, running a promotion is not without its challenges – we’ve put together this ultimate guide to help streamline the process. 

This guide will include:

  • What is an on-pack promotion?
  • How does an on-pack promotion work?
  • Why run an on-pack promotion?
  • Three on-pack promotion examples

What is an on-pack promotion?

An on-pack promotion offers consumers something extra if they purchase your product. This includes discounts, vouchers, freebies or a competition entry. Although they can run alone, they’re often one element of a larger promotional campaign. 

Although what is offered can vary wildly, all on-pack promotions have similar aims – to motivate customers to purchase your product, generate awareness, and drive sales.  

How does an on-pack promotion work?

Running an on-pack promotion isn’t always easy, so we’ve broken it down into a few simple steps to make it clearer.

1. Identify the promotion’s goal

The first step should be identifying the need for an on-pack promotion and what you want it to accomplish. This might be to support a new product’s launch or a wider marketing campaign. 

2. Choose a promotional mechanic

Next, you’ll need to choose a promotional mechanic, or in other words, work out how consumers will receive their freebie or enter your competition. One common process involves a unique code printed on the pack, which consumers can input on a dedicated landing page to enter a prize draw or instantly win a prize.

3. Pick unique and exciting prizes 

You’ll also need to choose prizes or freebies to excite your customer base, work with your budget, and match your brand’s values. For example, when Soreen rebranded, they changed their slogan to ‘Fuel for Exercise’ and offered free ‘Have A Go’ sports sessions in on-pack promotions. 

4. Create design visuals, copy and marketing materials 

Once you’ve decided on the specifics of your on-pack promotion, it’s time to create the necessary images and content for your new packaging. You’ll also want to consider complimentary marketing materials and what you’ll do to support your on-pack promotion, such as advertising on social media.

5. Consult a specialist agency 

It might be worth bringing in a specialist prize promotions agency at this step in the process or earlier if you’re struggling to develop ideas. They’ll handle the technical, legal and logistical aspects of running your sales promotion to ensure everything runs smoothly. 

6. Launch your on-pack promotion 

After everything has been prepared and tested, your on-pack promotion is ready to launch. 

Why run an on-pack promotion?

Running an on-pack promotion can be an incredibly cost-effective way to boost sales and generate a buzz around your brand. They work to keep existing customers engaged and interested in your product and appeal to consumers who may not have considered your product before. 

A well-run on-pack promotion can generate long-lasting brand loyalty and turn existing customers into brand ambassadors who want to spread the word about your product and your promotion. Equally, it can offer a powerful incentive for consumers to switch to your product by giving yours the edge over your competitors. 

Three on-pack promotion examples

Capri-Sun’s ‘World of Jumanji’ on-pack promotion

Capri-Sun partnered with Merlin Entertainment over the summer for an on-pack promotion for the World of Jumanji at Chessington World of Adventures Resort. The promotion gave one free adult or child entry to the theme park with a full ‘On The Day’ priced adult ticket. Designed to reward families and children with a fun day out, this on-pack promotion gave consumers the feel-good and powerful motivation to purchase. 

Cadbury’s ‘Win a Worldie’ campaign

In 2022, Cadbury launched its ‘Win a Worldie’ promotional campaign, which offered football-mad consumers the chance to have a tailored training session with a world-class footballer. Other prizes included a shirt, video message, shoutout or voucher. This on-pack promotion was a great way to increase sales in anticipation of the 2022 World Cup.

‘19th Cork Treasure Hunt’

Treasury Wine Estates brand 19 Crimes launched their fun on-pack promotion involving a treasure hunt, which challenged consumers to find limited-edition corks and win cash prizes. This annual event aims to increase brand awareness and engage the brand’s target audiences.

On-pack promotions agency 

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